How to Overcome Seemingly Insurmountable Odds

Many people never get past the first few steps on the road to success. They start thinking about the odds; they realize that everyone else is farther ahead, has more experience, and much deeper pockets. They realize they are the little guy. Many quit, feeling they can’t beat the odds.

But, if you are serious about success you cannot let a small thing like seemingly insurmountable odds stop you. When you are the little guy you actually have a lot going for you.

Understanding Leverage

A lever is a simple machine that multiplies the force you apply to allow you to move heavy loads you could never move by yourself. A wheelbarrow is a classic example of a lever. When you are the little guy it is essential you find tools that give you leverage as you compete with the big established players.

You can leverage your time by outsourcing some of your routine tasks. You can also leverage your time by having the right tools. You can leverage your money by making sound investments.

When you use leverage properly you can get much more out of your resources. This will allow you to grow faster than other newcomers. If you continue to apply the principles of leverage as you grow, you will become incredibly powerful.

Agility and Planning

Two advantages you have as the small guy are your agility and ability to plan quickly. The more established someone is, the harder time they have changing direction. When you are small, you can easily dart to and from different opportunities. You don’t have to wait for permission to take a chance on new circumstances.

Planning is also an advantage for the small guy. The big guys plan too much. Too many people have to give input before a decision can be made. When you are small, you can plan quickly and then execute. You may even be able to make several different attempts before the big guys make their first move.

You also have the ability to go after different goals than the big guys. You can find success in areas that wouldn’t be profitable for others.

What Burger Chains Can Teach You About Success

McDonald’s is the world’s largest hamburger chain. No other fast food chain is even close in size to it. Why do other restaurants even bother to show up? Why do Burger King and Wendy’s continue to operate?

The other burger chains continue to exist because the industry is very profitable. You do not have to be number one to make healthy profits. There are burger chains much smaller than Burger King and Wendy’s that are making a killing. There are artisan burger chains that cater to specific, high-end tastes.

This is a lesson for the little guys everywhere. You don’t have to be the McDonald’s of your industry to be highly successful. You don’t even have to be the number two or number three player. There are many opportunities for the little guys to exploit. There are opportunities that you can take that the big guys can’t.

You can be the little guy and be successful. You may not be able to compete head to head with the big guys. But, you can exploit their weaknesses. You can use leverage to make yourself bigger than you currently are. You can focus on your agility to beat the competition to new opportunities. You can find a narrow niche in the marketplace where the big guys can’t operate profitably.

If you are trying something new, the odds will always be against you. But, successful people don’t worry about the odds.

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