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The two ways to motivate yourself are deficiency motivation which says, where I am, I don’t like. I don’t like what I have done, I don’t like the fact that I can’t do this well or I can’t do that well. So I will list these things in my own repertoire and then I will be constantly trying to repair those deficiencies, always assuming that I’m deficient, that there is something wrong with me and I’m trying to fix it. And when you do that, you spend your whole life doing that and you never arrive because your life becomes a series of trying to get some place else. If you follow that, if you live that, if you behave that, then what happens to you is you become a person who will always suffer from this decease called more. A no limit person is never operating from deficiency or from lack in their life. They are never saying, I don’t have enough. You see, you are never going to get enough. You already are everything, you are everything that you need. Think about it for just a moment. Everything that you need to have total bliss, perfection of your life, you already are, you already have it. You came into this world with nothing and that’s how you are going out and the time that you have here, what you have is your uniqueness, your specialness and you don’t need anything else. Now think on this, if you don’t know how to appreciate what you have and where you are in your life, you don’t need anything else. Because if you do get something else, you won’t know how to appreciate that either, you will just want more or you will want it to be different or you will want it to be the way it use to be or you will want someone else to be the way you think they should be. Successful people are no limit people, are self actualizing people, inter directed people. Whatever labels that have been put on them by great thinkers and philosophers and therapist and people that have looked at human beings, these kinds of people are people who always have enough. There are some people who can handle anything, not because there circumstances are different. You see your circumstances have very little to do with your fulfillment in life, very little. It’s how you are approaching your circumstances, it’s your attitude towards your circumstances that make all the difference in the world and taking what you are and accepting it. No limit people are human beings who take what they are and accept it and don’t tell themselves that some how they are deficient because of anything about themselves. This is a very crucial concept for me and for virtually all of us, it’s this idea of taking your life in your own hands and being the kind of person that you choose to be and understanding that  everything that comes your way is an opportunity, is a blessing. And it wasn’t until I learned how to celebrate virtually everything that came my way that I was able to transcend it. Everything that you see that wasn’t given to us was created by man as a result of the way you think, the way that we think. So what gets inside of us as a cell, comes about as a result of the way that we choose to think in our lives. Very important principle to understand, because once you get a hold of thinking and that if creates everything that you have in your life. You can change and make it as absolutely perfect as you want it to be, because thought made it so. 

Create a visualization is what we are talking about here, the imagery or the image that you have of anything in your life. It’s really like mental behavior, it’s like going out and practicing. If you go out and practice with a basketball, shooting free throws, over and over again, that’s physical practice. Imagery is mental practice, it’s mental behavior. When you have an image that you can succeed at something, when you have an image that you can do it, rather that you can’t do it. Someone squeezes you, that is someone putting pressure on you, someone says things about you that you don’t like, someone puts tension on you, your boss says something to you that you don’t like. And out of you comes anger and out of you comes hatred and out of you comes fear or out of you comes stress, or out of you comes tension. Why? Is it because of your boss? The was they squeezed you? Never. Is it because of your mother? She really can be a pain sometimes, right? Is it because of your children? No. What comes out of you always when someone squeezes you is what’s inside. This is a vital principle of being a no limit person, it’s so crucial to get this and understand that, that if you have any hatred in your heart for anyone in this world or any anger or any fear or any of those things, it has nothing to do with the rest of the world, it only has to do with what you put inside. Now how does what gets inside of you get there? That’s the key. How does it get there? As you think, only as you think. There is no anger in the world, there is no stress in the world, there is no tension, it’s perfect. We already established that. It’s a perfect place, it works just fine, it’s all flowing the way it’s supposed to flow. The evidence for it is, it is. That’s all the evidence you need, just look around you. Everything out there is a miracle, everything, including you. There are no mistakes, it’s all perfect and everything that happens to you in your life, whether it’s a trauma, whether it’s a decease, whether it’s somebody treating you a certain way, there is a lesson in all of it. No limit people understand the lesson in life and therefore celebrate the lessons. And when you get to that point in your life where you are not cursing the things that come your way and blaming the things that comes your way, and particularly blaming it on somebody else. And you hear it all the time, she hurt my feelings. How is that possible? How can anybody hurt your feelings, your feelings come from your thoughts, no one can hurt your feelings without your consent, no one can make a fool of you without your consent, no one can embarrass you without your consent. These are choices that you have, that comes from the way that you think. 

A person who has that will which we can’t define, you can’t go out and get a bucket full of will and bring it in there, It’s an attitude, it’s an approach, it’s a belief that you can do something and when you have that belief about yourself you have got a so much better opportunity to be well in your life. And to believe is everything, I don’t know if you have ever thought of that. You begin to change your thinking, from appearances and how things look and how other people view me. Because every time you find yourself upset in life about anything that anyone else has said, what you are really saying, is what you think of me is more important than what I think of me. So you change from appearances to what I call quality thinking. What is the quality of my life rather than how does it appear to others. Now do you tell yourself that because my friends don’t like me, that that means that something is wrong with me. That’s what you have to learn, that another persons opinion is just that, it’s their opinion and that’s all it is. Every time you are upset or your children are upset because of what somebody else says about them, including their peers, what they are really saying in that moment, and this really Important, what you are saying is what you think of me is more important than what I think of myself and you must never give anybody that kind of power and control over you because they will always have it. There is a big difference between wanting approval needing approval. When you need approval, it means you become immobilized when you don’t get it, from making other peoples opinions more important. Now for those of you who say yeah but I want approval and I need it and if I don’t get it and so on. Understand this, the people who gets the most approval in life are the ones who care the least about it. And the one who get the least approval, are the ones who are always going after it. So if you want approval in this paradoxical way that I’m talking about it, stop needing it. Stop concerning yourself about it. Ask yourself, who gets the most approval in life. Think of the person that gets the most approval and you will see that that person couldn’t care less what other people are thinking. They are so busy being, they don’t have time to notice what their neighbors are doing. You advance confidently in the direction of your own dreams, an endeavor to live the life which you have imagined. You will meet with a success unexpected in common hours. What that means is that success is not something that you can get in life. Success is an inner process. Success is thing you bring to everything you do in your life. It isn’t something you get out of what you do. And when you get that and you learn how to get the junk out and advance confidently, doing what makes the most amount of sense to you, based on your inner signals and the one issue of morality, which is you never interfere with anybody else’s right to do the same. Each person has their own right to advance confidently in the direction of their own dreams and when you violate that you are violating the principle of the universe, the essence of the universe which is cooperation and harmony. Then success will begin to chase you and it will come into your life and arrive in your life in amounts that you never dreamt of before, that you never dreamt of. Things will start happening to you that you would never imagine before. 

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