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Winners – Transcript

These people always seeking, going to seminars, going to workshops, reading books, asking questions, trying to find some answers to their lives and these people have a deep hunger for a new life. These people deep down in their souls they say “God, there is got to be more, this cannot be it for my life.” These people, their relatives and their friends look at them weird, they think they are strange. What’s wrong with you? Why can’t you be satisfied with what you got? Why do you have to have that? Why can’t you just settle down? Why do you have to do this? They don’t understand. I think there are three kinds of people. There are winners, people that know who they are, know what they want, know their potential, know about the possibilities for their lives, and they go out and they take life on. And then there are four more other people and those are the losers in life. They don’t know who they are, they set their selves up to be losers. Circumstances, events, those experiences have shape this image of themselves, they feel that it’s hopeless and no sense in trying to change it. But then there is anther group and that’s who you are, I think you are in this group and this group are winners who have not discovered the keys that will enable them to unlock some new opportunities for themselves. These are people who are winners, they know that they are but they are out of alignment, they just need some twerking, just need some coaching, just need to make some adjustments here and there, just need to be given an opportunity, just need a little help, a little assistance and off and they are gone.

I believe there is a huge difference in the way that successful people and unsuccessful people think and I believe that success itself is not some big mystery that people have not figured out before, even though when were are struggling and we are fighting just trying to make everyday by day and get better and better and better, it can feel like it’s [00:02:53] a noble process but success has been figured out and we all know it’s a mindset. Most of success is just about how you use up psychology. The challenge is the unsuccessful people they keep stopping when they think of what they currently know, have or are. The successful people say, “I want to do that but I don’t know how to do that,” but instead of stopping they say, “well then, my job is to go learn that.”

So next time you are thinking about a big dream, don’t think about the things, I don’t know how to do that and stop think I don’t know how. So set it up on your calendar to go learn those things. I’m not like that and set it up step by step to go develop those skill sets and those competencies so you can become that and ultimately you can achieve that dream. It’s there, it’s waiting for you.       

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