How to Find Contentment in an Ever-Changing World

“The quicker we all realize that we’ve been taught how to live life by people that were operating on the momentum of an ignorant past the quicker we can move to a global ethic of community that doesn’t value invented borders or the monopolization of natural resources, but rather the goal of a happier more loving humanity.”

These words don’t come from the kind of person you might expect. It’s not from a best-selling book on spiritual development, and it’s not from an esoteric blog either. No guru was consulted, and no life coach was paid to say it.

Instead, the source of this quote is Joe Rogan – an American stand-up comedian, martial arts champion, actor, sports commentator, and television and podcast host. His words touch on an idea that resonates with a lot of regular people today – whether they have a spiritual inclination or not. The question is how to find contentment in a world that seems to have lost the plot.

Rogan is among the millions of people across the globe that are waking up to a crucial realization: The old way doesn’t work. We need a new way.

Moving Away From an Ignorant Past

First, let’s get the idea straight – what is ‘the momentum of an ignorant past’ that he is speaking about?

It’s the illusion of separation, power and control. It’s the idea that success – usually in the form of financial success – is the ultimate goal, and that each of us has to fight the fight alone. It’s the idea that life is somehow stacked against you, that it’s cruel, unforgiving and harsh.

It’s the mistaken idea that people can become happy by ‘improving’ their outward circumstances – even when the planet we live on is subdued, conquered and abused. It’s the notion that “he who has the most when he dies, wins.”

It’s also an idea that has deep roots in the collective world psyche.

The ignorance and the insanity were fueled during the golden age of industry. Rapid developments in technology gave us the mistaken hope that by mastering the physical sciences, all our dreams would come true.

One form of the delusion was the famous ‘American Dream’. People were convinced that happiness could be achieved if you owned a home, a car, and if you could afford ‘higher education” for all your kids. All you had to do was agree to be a cog in the giant world machinery, go to church, and not ask too many probing questions.

Happiness was something that you chased, hungered for, and if you were really lucky, it came to you in the form of circumstances and things – like a husband or wife, a new car or a promotion, and the prestige that comes with it.

Few realized that we were looking in the wrong place. We were chasing after the wind.

Why All the Success in the World Can Never be Enough

Seen from a lofty vantage point, every part of the cosmos has one thing in common: Change.

Nothing on the physical plane of existence is permanent. You can see this universal principle at work whether you look to the most distant reaches of space, with stars consuming their nuclear fuel until they finally burn out, or whether you zoom in on an atom. Nations rise and fall, fortunes grow and dwindle, and people don’t last either.

This can be a terrifying realization. It can even be depressing.

If nothing lasts, that means that our brains and bodies don’t last. And that also means that satisfaction and happiness won’t last either, doesn’t it?

At some point in our lives we all have to come to terms with this feeling of disillusionment. As we grow up and grapple with real life, we’re often forced to compromise, or sell-out on our naive ideals.

Even if we achieve success, or temporary relief from the struggle, the feelings of gratification soon fade, and we’re back to chasing again.

Worse still, along the road to this so-called ‘success’, there are many casualties. A single-minded pursuit of success can ruin relationships and alienate you from your loved ones. All the money in the world is a poor substitute for love and friendship.

The words of the classic Rolling Stones song comes to mind: “I can’t get no satisfaction.”

No one ever told us that all the success in the world is no guarantee for happiness – or if they did, we probably weren’t listening.

Realizing the truth for ourselves makes all the difference.

This realization can motivate you to honestly examine your life’s purpose, your part in the bigger picture, and the true path to contentment. It can be hard to digest – but at the same time, this realization can shake you awake.

When you understand how clinging to permanence, power and control in an ever-changing world can only lead to dissatisfaction, you get to transcend the frustration. Pain can become a valuable teacher.

The lesson: Contentment comes from taking ownership of your consciousness and your energy – right here and now.

Life as a Dynamic Expression of Conscious Energy

The upshot of our global technological advancement is the fact that millions of people now have almost unlimited access to information. As a species, we took a quantum leap forward when we came to understand that everything in the physical universe is an expression of energy.

Along with a new understanding of physics, we also made some startling discoveries about how our minds interact with matter. Our brains and our physical bodies are a dynamic dance of energy, and an expression of our consciousness. We are conscious energy.

Looking inwards towards the mesmerizing complexity that makes up each and every human being, we can’t help but feel a little overawed. There seem to be no limits to our potential. We come to understand that the drive to monopolize and dominate the earth, and our surroundings, arose from fear.

We can look back at the evolution of man, society and the collective social mind and see an underlying theme – the evolution of consciousness. During the past centuries, through wars, troubles and tribulations, we’ve slowly been waking up.

As the world wakes up to this understanding, we come to see that there is something far more fulfilling than the pursuit of material success, or power. The fact is that no external circumstance can bring you happiness, at least not in a lasting way.

Once you’re able to surrender to the dance of energy that already is your life, you come to understand that no external source of happiness is necessary. Being alive, present and conscious is enough. This understanding brings with it a deep sense of contentment – one that surpasses the temporary high of success in every way.

From this secure base – inner joy – you learn to move into a state of flow. From there you can follow your passion, inspire others, teach others – and not get hung up on the dollar value you’re getting in return. The joy comes from living, giving, and just being.

Instead of constantly chasing, striving and fighting for your place under the sun, you realize that you’re already there. There’s nothing to chase.

This is the meaning of contentment. This is what it means to wake up.

From this state of consciousness it becomes clear that the world is one living entity. The concepts that separate us as people are illusions. The borders we create between countries are fabricated lines of separation. They’re not real.

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