4 Ways to Succeed When People Seem Hell Bent on Holding You Down

We have all faced them; detractors, naysayers, people who belittle our dreams and tell us we can’t do it. They come in the form of friends, colleagues at work and sometimes relatives. No matter how psyched up you are, they will drain your energy and leave you feeling exhausted. If you are not careful, they will disrupt your focus and lead you from your goals. How do you deal with such people? Below are four ways to succeed when people seem hell bent on holding you down.

Learn to identify them

Sometimes, you might not realize when someone is trying to hold you down. Frankly, they might not realize that their words and actions are holding you back. They could be a trusted person like a relative or a close friend, and therefore, when they say negative things, you will think that they have your best interests at heart. Always analyze the advice people give you to see whether it is realistic or if they are just being Debbie Downers. If their advice discourages you and makes you feel like you should quit, then this person could be a detractor.

Set boundaries

The problem with being around negative people is that their negative energy rubs off on you and affects your moods and attitude. Negativity has even been proven to be a cause of stress and cardiac diseases. To avoid this, you should limit the time you spend with negative people. Leave the room instead of listening to their discouraging comments. However, sometimes it might be difficult to avoid such people, for instance if they are colleagues at work. If you have to be around them, keep your interactions with them short. Since you can’t control their negative behavior, the best thing is to minimize their chances of afflicting you with their negative energy.

Ignore their comments

Whenever someone tries to discourage you and say negative things about you, avoid getting into arguments with them. This will suck you into their web of toxicity and drain your energy. Instead, just smile at them, take control of your emotions and ignore their negative comments. Don’t let their words get to you. In most cases, these people are just trying to get a reaction from you. That’s what drives them. The best way to avoid getting sucked into their negativity is to remain completely detached and ignore them.

Remain positive

People who discourage your dreams and fill your life with negativity create a seed of doubt in your mind. If left unchecked, this seed will grow into a huge tree of doubt that can prevent you from achieving your dreams. You need to halt its growth immediately. When people try to discourage you, think of positive thoughts instead. If they give you three reasons why your plan won’t work or why your dreams are unachievable, think of six reasons why your plan will work. Always remain positive. If they still continue to bombard you with negativity, change topics and ask them to tell you something positive instead. This will prevent their negative thoughts from taking root in your mind.

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