Why Chaos in Your Life Can Also Bring About Endless Opportunity

Most humans are constantly seeking security. We tend to like stability. Chaos is scary. But, life can best be understood as one period of chaos after another, interrupted by brief periods of peace and stability. Chaos stresses most people out. But, chaos can also be the source of endless opportunity. Almost all of the great innovations in the arts and sciences came about during periods of personal chaos. If you want to improve your life there is nothing better than a little chaos. Why?

Chaos Forces You to be Creative

Chaos comes in many different forms:

  • Layoffs
  • Birth of a child
  • Death of a family member
  • Financial trauma
  • Illness or injury
  • Beginning of a relationship
  • Ending of a relationship

All of these life events disrupt the status quo. Some of them are happy and some are sad. They are all forms of chaos. Chaos shakes up the routine and forces us to adapt to a new way of living. Chaos requires us to be creative. When you suddenly don’t have enough money to pay your bills you can either crawl into the fetal position and cry or you can get creative about how to make more money.

Thomas Edison said, “Necessity is the mother of invention.” When your life is in chaos you need solutions. That is when you can have some of your best ideas if you are brave enough to embrace them.

Inspires You to Find Solutions

Because our brains do not like chaos, we become motivated to solve our problems and get out of the chaos. Many entrepreneurs never had the motivation to chase their dreams and start their companies until they got fired. That moment of chaos frees them from the expectations of society and inspires them to solve their employment situation by starting a company that solves some problem for other people.

Chaos motivates and inspires people to do hard things so they can live a better life.

Shows You What is Most Important

It is easy to take the good things in life for granted. How many parent hardly ever see their children because they are working so hard to make money for those children? How many people neglect their health to toil at a job they hate? When things start to go wrong in your life, it is somehow much easier to see what parts of your life are most important. Without chaos to wake us up out of our stupor from time to time, most of us would go through our entire lives sleepwalking.

When major events disrupt the comfortable flow of our lives it gives us a chance to evaluate what we are doing and why we are doing it. Near death experiences show us the importance and fragility of life. A financial collapse can show you that nobody is looking out for your and your family. Companies don’t care about you. These chaotic events are a gift.

Chaos shows you what is most important in life and gives you the chance to do something about it.

Our brains may not like chaos. But, we should be grateful for it. Chaos gives us the chance to make changes. If nothing ever changed, nothing would ever get better. Chaos is the gateway to endless opportunities.

The next time you find your life in chaos, ask yourself what opportunities you should be taking advantage of.

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