Why Now is the Best Time to Work for Yourself

If you are thinking of starting your own business and then go online seeking inspiration and reassurance, you’ll find plenty of sites out there wanting the fill that void. They’ll offer you a big list (and sometimes it’s several lists) of reasons why you should really be working for yourself right now. But, while many of these reasons may technically be true, they often leave out some important details.

The Myths Versus Reality of Working for Yourself

Before I get to my three good reasons why you should consider starting your own venture, I first want to set the record straight.

A lot of people talk about the freedoms of working for yourself. They focus on things like: being your own boss, taking vacation time whenever you want, working from anywhere at any time, and earning unlimited income. But, what many of these people don’t say, is that it can take months, if not years before you will really be able to enjoy most of these freedoms.

Building a business, even if it is just a business of one, is a lot of hard work- especially at the beginning. You need to determine your target market, develop your product and service, secure financing, build up your brand and customer base, collect feedback, and then refine your business model to match your customers’ needs and preferences. If this is your first time running your own business, then you also have to factor in all the learning you need to do in the areas of business management, accounting, and marketing.

In fact, in those first months and years, instead of feeling free, you may end up feeling exactly the opposite: a slave to your business. You are going to need other reasons for starting up your own business that will carry you through those more difficult times, or else you may be tempted to just walk away.

3 Good Reasons to Start Your Own Business Today

So, while all of those freedoms mentioned above are certainly benefits to consider, my point is if you really want to be successful in your venture, and you want to have the motivation to plow through the inevitable ups and downs along the way, then you need to have other reasons for starting your own business. Here are three convincing ones:

1. All the tools are there. Technology has made possible what was once unimaginable. You can create a virtual team of professional employees; you can instantly reach out to people in distant countries, even have face-to-face meetings with them; you can run a sophisticated analysis of market data; plus, you can make your operation look bigger and more professional than it really is. You also have instant access to the information you need to learn about running a business.

2. You can make an impact. People want information, solutions to their problems, as well as products and services that help them achieve their goals. But, people are also getting tired of empty promises and claims, watered-down content, and spammy self-promotion. If you are an expert in anything, you now have the power to reach the people who will want what you have to offer and be most positively affected by it. Best of all, you can do this by being you- not some version of what a company thinks you should be.

3. Plenty of people have done it. When it comes to starting you own business-especially if it is based online, you don’t have to re-invent the wheel. For just about any niche and business model, you are sure to find others who have successfully taken a similar path. Not only can you learn from their mistakes and successes, you may be able to reach out to some of these people for guidance and support.

So the bottom line is, if you are willing to put in the initial time and work, then today you really have everything at your fingertips to start your own successful venture.

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