Why Creativity Rather Than Comfort Ensures Far More Success

Creativity is the ability to come up with new and meaningful ideas by perceiving the world in new ways, exercising imagination and creating connections between unrelated subjects. Creativity is one of the pillars of success. In the initial stages of their growth, many businesses and individuals put in a lot of effort and find innovative ways of spearheading their growth. Once they have established a modicum of success, most of them go into a comfort zone. They stop looking for creative ways of advancing their business or career. When someone with a more creative way of doing things comes along, this causes a disruption that frequently drives them out of business. Below are reasons why we ensure far more success when we focus on creativity rather than comfort.

Finding solutions and solving problems

Creative people are better at solving problems, whether at work or in their personal lives. Rather than approaching problems in the obvious and most logical way, creative people look at situations from different angles. They connect virtually unrelated ideas and try to find how they apply to the situation at hand. Whether it is coming up with strategies to outpace the competition, coming up with more cost-effective processes or finding innovative solutions to business bottlenecks, creativity can give a competitive edge and lead to greater success.

Developing confidence

Creativity involves trying new things and ideas. Since these have not been tried before, there is a high risk of failure. There’s a chance that what they come up with is not effective or no one likes it. As they try, fail and try again, they learn that failing is part of the road to success. This helps to boost their confidence. They know that if one way fails, there is always another way of achieving success. As a result, creative people are better at dealing with uncertainty. When things don’t go as planned, they know that they can always adapt their strategies and way of thinking. Knowing that there is an alternative is a great source of confidence.

Increasing Productivity

Creativity is spurred by the need to move from the ordinary, the need to come up with newer and better things, ideas or ways of doing things. This search for something better leads to cost effective and more effective ways of increasing productivity. For instance, by adopting the assembly line technique, Henry Ford was able to mass produce automobiles at a cheaper cost, making automobiles affordable to middle class Americans and thus boosting his sales. Adopting a creative culture at the workplace allows people to move from their comfort zones and increases the levels of productivity and success.

Driving Progress

Most of the progress in the world today came about as a result of the creativity of people who were not satisfied with the status quo. They were willing to look at existing problems from new perspectives and find new solutions to make things much better. Creative people know that everything can be made better and they dedicate their minds to bringing about the progress they desire.

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