4 Reasons You Must Scoff at the Need for Attention and Approval

There are a lot of different ways to become successful and live a happy, fulfilling life. However, needing attention and approval for what you are doing is one of the best ways to ensure that you end up a miserable failure. It may be natural to want attention and approval, but you must learn to overcome this need. You need to learn to scoff at the idea of seeking attention and approval. Here are four reasons why seeking after attention and approval are a sure fire way to ruin your life.

Seeking Attention and Approval Gives Others Power Over You

When you need the approval of others to validate your actions, you are giving up control of your life to other people. You can no longer be happy with the fruits of your labor. Instead, you must anxiously wait for the judgment of someone else. Your entire life will be spent pandering to the ground. You will never innovate. You will never truly create anything. You will be at the mercy of the crowd.

Attention and Approval Invite Sabotage

When others realize you need their approval before you can be happy, you invite them to take advantage of you. There is nothing easier than sabotaging a needy coworker, “friend”, or even complete stranger. All someone has to do is give you a steady stream of mild criticisms to send you into a tailspin. Just like a junkie, once you get a taste for attention and approval, you get addicted to it. When you don’t get it, you go into withdrawal. It kills your creativity and your drive.

Seeking Attention and Approval Waste Time and Energy

It takes a lot of work to get people to notice you and to like you. You not only have to spend time taking action, but you also have to wait to get the praise you need before you can move onto the next step. If you allow yourself to fall into this trap you will spend more time seeking and waiting on the approval of others than you do actually moving your life forward. While you are sitting around waiting for people to praise you, your competition is doing a badass job of knocking down barriers and changing the world. You can’t keep up because you’ve wasted all your energy on others.

Attention and Approval Limit You

Perhaps the worst part of needing attention and approval is that the people you want to praise you may have no idea what they are talking about. You become a follower, not a leader. Steve Jobs famously didn’t use focus groups when creating his most innovative products like the iPhone and the iPad. He said that you couldn’t ask people what they want because they didn’t know what they wanted. He was making something so revolutionary, that people couldn’t even imagine it. Now, none of us can imagine being without his creations.

You must be ruthless with yourself. Whenever you feel the need for approval or attention, laugh at the ridiculousness of the idea. Scoff at the need for approval you see in those around you. Only by purging this reflex from your soul will you have the strength to reach your full potential.

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