Why Creativity by Nature is an Act of Boldness and Rebellion

If you want to play it safe in life and blend in, do not create anything. The ones who stand out in life, the ones who change the world, and overthrow the existing power structure are the ones that create. Creators are bold and the act of creation is the ultimate act of rebellion.

Society Hates Change

One of the strangest aspects of human nature is our fear of change. This fear is deeply ingrained in our brains and in our society. Mistakes are ruthlessly punished in the workplace. People with new ideas are ridiculed and persecuted. Society has no tolerance for anything different or new that may disrupt the traditional way of doing things.

This is why when you create anything; a book, a painting, or a company, haters seem to converge on you from all sides. You are threatening the status quo with your creativity. Your decision to make something new is like being the only person wearing a red coat at a funeral. Everyone notices your boldness and hates you for it.

Your creativity is not only just an act of rebellion against the oppressive rules of society; it is an act of rebellion against human nature. You have dared to do something different.

The Artist’s Eyes

 Creativity of any kind forces you to look at things differently. When you are building something you are using a different part of your brain. The more you create, the more you start to see the world differently. You begin to look at your life and the world around you through artist’s eyes. Artists see possibilities. They ask questions. Creativity means you do not accept things the way they are. You not only dream of a better way, you set out to find a better way.

Often creativity is associated with people like Picasso and Hemingway. But, the best entrepreneurs are just as much creative geniuses. Any time you are building something new, whether it is an algorithm, a drop shipping business, or a sculpture, you are asking the world to take notice of you.

There are dangers to being bold. When you stand out, when you rebel, people will try and bring you down. Even your loved ones may want you to give up your creative pursuits and just live life like everyone else. Haters will mock your efforts and criticize your arrogance for thinking you could make a difference.

But, only the bold rebels ever get to taste the sweet rewards of knowing they have shaped the world around them. When you create you experience freedom. You break away from the constraints that tie everyone else down and start to live life on your own terms. The religious call God their creator. When you become a creator, you, in at least a small way, become godlike. In a world of conformity and risk aversion, there is no more bold act, no more rebellious act, than to create and assume for yourself the power others reserve for some distant all powerful being.

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