Why People Admire and Glorify Those Who Act Boldly

No guts, no glory. People love the risk takers. All of the great heroes from history and legend acted boldly. The most admired business leaders and athletes are the ones who refuse to play it safe. People admire and glorify those who act boldly. It is a universal human law. There are three main reasons why we put the brave risk takers on such high pedestals.

Red Sports Cars Stand Out

People tend not to be very observant. We miss out on a lot of the details. It takes something spectacular to get our attention. When you are driving on the freeway you will always notice a red sports car. They stand out. They force you to look at them. You admire their smooth lines, the way they go racing past you, and the bright red color makes you feel excited even if you are not a car person.

When you act boldly you are a red sports car. You are different. You are beautiful. People take notice. They tell all their friends about the special thing they witnessed.

Wish Fulfillment

If you have ever worked a nine-to-five you know that humans tend to be herd animals. Few want to stand out. People are afraid of taking risks. But, inside all of those boring conformists is a rebel, dying to break out. We all want to stand out. But, most people are too scared. They fear the unknown. They fear being rejected by the herd.

But, when you dare to be different, they notice. They admire your guts. They may talk bad about you, but they wish they were you. They know they could never take the bold steps that you are taking. They live vicariously through you. You are their wish fulfillment. They get a buzz just thinking about what it would be like to be free like you.

Everyone Loves a Winner

If you want to see how bold action attracts admirers, just watch the World Series of Poker. Every tournament has one moment where someone takes what seems like a crazy risk and then wins. Everyone loves a winner. People lose their minds when someone seems to beat the odds and wins by doing something crazy.

Sports, business, and life are the same way. People love to be around winners. Winners can only beat their opponents by taking a few risks. You cannot win a race running the same speed as everyone else the whole time. Eventually you have to make your move. You have to be bold and seize your chance. That is the only way to win.

The irony of taking bold action is that it is only after you succeed that you are held up as an example. People will criticize your risk taking until you win, and then they will praise you and pretend that they were rooting for you the entire time.

When you are bold you invite both failure and success. However, if you are persistent and continue to take risks your boldness will eventually pay off and everyone will remember you.

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