Why Success in Life Comes From Increased Fluidity and a Willingness to Try More

Imagine you are out on a paddle board in the middle of a lake. You need to get to shore. How are you going to do it? Start paddling, right? But, it’s not that easy. If you paddle too softly or if your stroke isn’t consistent you are likely to fall off the board, or just travel around in circles. Mastering a paddle board is like mastering life. You need strong, even strokes if you are going to have success. Without this you will flounder.

Creatures of Habit

Fluidity while paddling requires consistent effort. If you want fluidity in your life, you have to develop good habits. We are creatures of habit. A habit is like a program in our brain that runs in the background. We aren’t required to do much. When was the last time you forgot to brush your teeth? Hopefully, you don’t remember. You don’t have to motivate yourself to brush your teeth. You don’t need an affirmation. You just do it. It is a habit.

Imagine if it was that easy to work on your goals. Habits are fluidity. If you are in the habit of making cold calls every morning at the same time, you no longer have to motivate yourself to do it. You don’t need to psyche yourself up. You just do it. Making cold calls becomes like brushing your teeth.

Good habits lead to success because your consistent efforts add up over time and you stop wasting your energy on motivation. Your brain just knows it’s time to do the work.

Lucky Breaks Can Only Find You if You Show Up

The dirty secret about success is that luck is required. The good news is that luck isn’t randomly distributed. Lucky breaks are like heat seeking missiles. They are attracted to people working hard. If you show up often enough, you will find a lucky break or two.

Showing up means trying new and uncomfortable things. It means trying harder. Showing up is about doing more. The more you try the more chances you have of being in the right place at the right time. Luck isn’t independent of work at all. Luck is a function of work.

Success is Like Strength Training

Have you ever started a strength training routine and then quit doing it for a few weeks? What happened to your strength? Did it stay the same? No. You start to gradually get weaker and lose your tone. Success is the same way. You have to be consistent in your efforts.

If you want to get physically stronger you have to gradually increase the intensity of the workouts and the weights you are using. Success in life also requires that you increase your efforts. As you learn what it takes, you have to keep pushing yourself to the next level.

The next level is where you find success.

Where are you at in life? Are you just standing on the paddle board in the middle of the lake, wondering how you are going to get to shore? Are you paddling around in circles because you are too lazy to row consistently? If you want to find success it’s time to increase your fluidity. It’s time to try more. Otherwise you are going to die in the middle of the lake while someone else sets course for the success that could have been yours.

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