5 Methods to Cultivate an Air of Certainty and Boldness

Do you want to be respected? People want to feel they are doing business with a pro. People are looking for a leader that has an air of certainty and boldness. You could be that leader. All you have to do is figure out how to cultivate that air of certainty and boldness. Here are five different methods that will make you appear bolder and more certain and will also improve your confidence.

1. Meditation

Do you know what the opposite of certainty is? It’s anxiety. Nobody wants to work with a worrier. You need to be calm and unflappable. You have a better chance at succeeding in your riskiest endeavors if you are calm. Meditation is one of the best ways to develop an inner sense of peace. Daily meditation of even just five minutes will give you the inner strength to be poised even when everyone else is panicking. Mediation allows you to be in control of your emotions.

2. Eye Contact

People cannot see into your soul. But, you can make them think that they can. When you maintain eye contact with people you appear bolder. People assume you know what you are doing because you are willing to look them in the eye. We trust people who make eye contact. You will seem more confident and certain if you make eye contact when making a pitch. The more people come to trust you, the easier it will be to feel certain.

3. Speak Last and Speak Little

One of the biggest mistakes you can make in life is talking too much. If you want people to look up to you, only speak when you have something of value to add. If in a meeting or conversation you spend most of the time listening and nodding, you take control over the situation. Others will want to impress you or engage you. They will keep talking. They will accidentally reveal their weaknesses to you.

When you speak last it also gives the impression that what you have to say is important. People are more likely to listen to you. They are also more likely to view you as decisive. If you understand this principle of human psychology, you will go far.

4. Delegate

Do you know what leaders do? They delegate. If you want to look like you are in charge, delegate tasks to others. This gives you control over them. It works even if you are not directly in charge of them. When others see you delegate they assume you have a plan. You are a man of action. You will look bold and certain of your plan. Don’t be a dictator or a micromanager. The more you trust others to do their jobs the more certain you appear.

5. Try New Things

If you want to not only appear bolder but also actually become bolder, you need to try new things. We all fear new experiences to some degree. But, the more often you try new things the more courage you develop. When you try new things others notice. The confidence you gain from these experiences will show in the way you talk and even in the way you look. Every new experience adds to your mystique and your actual confidence. Try skydiving, eat exotic foods, or learn a new language. Anything new to you will make you more bold and certain in the future.

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