5 Reasons Timidity Has No Place in the Realm of Power

If you want power, you cannot be timid. Some people mistake caution with timidity. Caution is a conscious strategy. It is rational. It will keep you in power. Timidity is fear based. It is an unforgivable weakness. Timidity in generals gets armies killed. Timidity in business leads to colossal failures. Here are five reasons you must banish timidity from your mind.

1. Nobody Respects the Timid

Respect is the true currency the world works on. When your enemies respect you, they will think twice about attacking. When your allies respect you, you don’t have to worry about them betraying you. Nobody respects the timid. If your allies sense you are unsure of your actions, they will betray you and seek a more powerful ally. When your enemy discovers your fear of action, they will take the battle to you and depose you.

2. Drains Your Energy

Do you know what takes more energy that taking action? Fretting about what action to take is a tremendous drain. When you are timid you waste time, energy, and other resources. For every second you delay taking action because you are afraid of making the wrong choice you sap your strength for the coming battles. Timidity is the worst kind of weakness because it corrodes your natural strengths.

3. Fortune Favors the Bold

You will never be able to take advantage of good luck if you are not taking action. Fortune favors the bold. The ship’s captain who sits in port will never find the prevailing wind that will carry him to victory. When you are timid you are allowing your opponents unfettered access to all of the good fortune. Over time action will always prevail over indecision.

4. Lead or Get Run Over

The world is dynamic. People are anxious to take any advantage they can get to get ahead. When you are timid you are like a hunter standing in the middle of a stampede. Eventually you will get run over and trampled.

If you want to succeed you have to be leading out in front. Timidity makes leadership impossible. If you refuse to take the lead in your own life, someone else will take charge of you. Timidity is often related to trying to please everyone. This is foolish. The crowd will eventually turn on you.

If you are to survive and thrive in the realm of power you must be bold and decisive.

5. Success Demands Action

Nobody has ever found success stressing over what to do next. Success favors men of action. Columbus may not have found India, but he did find untold riches and an entire continent to exploit. If he had sat at home staring at his charts, he wouldn’t have discovered anything. Even severe mistakes in strategy can be corrected by bold action. But, nothing except action can correct the mistakes of timidity.

Success demands you take action. When you are timid in your decision-making, you guarantee your failure. Action is the price of success. Timidity is a sign that you don’t have what it takes to succeed.

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