3 Reasons We Must Believe We Are Destined For Greatness

Though we’re all different from one another, one thing almost every human being has in common is the desire to succeed.  Where we differ is in our method of achieving said success. Often, we’re told that success is dependent upon a host of factors that include hard work, opportunity, luck and preparation. Sure, along the way, those elements will play a factor in your ultimate success.  But if you’re someone who continually fails and sits around waiting for someone to see your potential, you need to face the music. You’re failing because you don’t believe in yourself.  Making it big isn’t just about unrealistic hopes and dreams.  You have to truly envision yourself achieving success.  If you don’t see it, no one else will.

It’s the secret weapon of the world’s top CEOs

Jack Welch has been the CEO and chairman of General Electric since 1981. That’s 35 years at the helm of a global corporation that has maintained its spot at the forefront of technological innovation.  Like all of us, the Harvard Business Review wanted to know his secret to success.  His most important building block was self-confidence.

A belief in yourself equals self-confidence.  Without it, you’re setting yourself up to fail.  If you can’t fully envision yourself in the top spot and identify a North Star to work towards, you’ll stumble horribly the first time you encounter a setback.  Being successful is hard work.  It’s not for the weak-it chews them up, spits them out, and sends them crawling over to an easier career path. Think of belief in yourself as a foundation for success.  With a solid foundation in place, you won’t tumble to the ground the first time someone says you suck at your job.

You learn that failure is part of the process

Niklas Hed is the creator of Angry Birds. The game has gone on to make a bajillion dollars and even spawned a kids’ movie. But success wasn’t always in the cards for him.  Before Angry Birds took off, Hed and his team at Rovio Mobile created 51 games that were all duds. That’s right-he failed 51 times before accomplishing a breakthrough. During his repeated failures, he always stayed positive and envisioned a successful game.  He knew that runaway, Angry Birds success would happen. And because he was always working toward this vision, he never gave up.

Like Hed, your belief in yourself and the corresponding vision of your success will work as a shield against failure. You may not win on the first try, but giving up is for the weak.  Successful people aren’t weak.

People follow your lead

If you walk into a meeting and tell everyone that your presentation is going to be terrible, you’ve set an expectation that what you’re saying isn’t important or thoroughly assembled. People will always follow your lead. If you tell them you won’t succeed, they’ll believe you.  You’re in control of your success narrative.

Author Jon Gordon encourages people to talk to themselves like a champion. He tells them to listen less to their inner voice and talk more. And in those conversations, tell yourself you’re the best and that there’s nothing you can’t achieve.  People with this mentality win while the Debbie Downers always lose.  And this guy knows what he’s talking about.  He follows his own advice and that’s led him to several best-selling books and a lucrative speaking career.

In order to succeed and let your intentions radiate outward, it starts with what you believe.  If you think you’re going to fail, you most certainly will.  Instead of looking for others to validate your talent or discover your work, grab success by the balls and let it know that you’ll make it. If you assert it, it will happen.

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