Why Realism is the Ideal We Must Aspire to and Why It is the Highest Point of Human Rationality

Do you know the difference between reality and fantasy? Most people don’t. Most of us walk around seeing the world through different lenses. Sometimes we only see things the way we want them to be. Other times we look at the world through the lens of fear. However, until you learn to see things for how they really are, you will never achieve the ultimate success you are seeking. We must all strive for realism. It is only when we deal with circumstances the way they really are that are fully using our rational powers.

Ignored Problems Never Get Solved

We are all highly skilled liars. Mostly, we just lie to ourselves. We deny that problems exist. We claim that we could get more done or that we could change our bad habits anytime if we really wanted to. This is bullshit and we all know it. Realism forces us to face our problems.

The reason most people are stuck in lives they hate is because they cannot face their problems. They ignore their biggest issues. When you ignore problems, when you pretend they do not exist, it is impossible to solve them. The only way to overcome your weaknesses is to face them head on.

The other problem we create for ourselves by not looking at things as they really are is that we make our problems out to be much worse than they are. When we look at things through the lens of fear or if we simply believe everything society tells us, we think our problems are too big to solve. We let our problems trap us. Even though if we could just see things the way they really are we could see that many of the obstacles we face are easily overcome.

Understanding Reality is the Only Way to Find Success

Humans are incredible problem solvers. It is our ability to find new ways of doing things that makes us different from all the other animals on the planet. We have a highly refined sense of rationality. It is our rationality that unlocks our greatest problem solving skills. But, when we delude ourselves we are limiting our own power.

Before we can unleash the full power of our rational problem solving abilities we have embrace realism. We have to have the courage to see our strengths and weaknesses for what they really are. That is the only way to be successful.

If you refuse to embrace realism, you will continue to fail. How can you ever succeed if you don’t even know what you are really good at and what you are really bad at? It’s easier to win the lottery than to succeed without embracing realism.

If you want to be special, if you want to be succeed where everyone else has failed, you must take off the tinted glasses you have been using and see the world the way it really is. Sometimes realism is ugly and scary. But, when you face the ugly you gain the power to find the beauty.

There are many paths to success, but you will never find any of them unless your eyes are wide open to reality.

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