Why Your Enemies Want You to Doubt Yourself

One of the favorite weapons of your enemies will be to instill within you doubts about yourself, your worth, your abilities, and your potential. Your enemies want you to fight yourself so they do not have to attack you directly. Whenever you wallow in self-pity because you think you aren’t good enough, your enemies are laughing. We all have doubts. Only the most narcissistic fools never have any doubts. But, not all doubts are the same. When you allow your enemies to affect the way you feel about your worth, your abilities, and your potential, you are allowing a deadly virus to fester inside of your brain and your soul.

Doubts are the Seeds of Failure

Have you ever seen a tightrope walker? These amazing athletes walk hundreds of feet above the ground on a wire that is narrower than the width of their foot. Many times they walk without a net below them. All that separates them from death is their confidence. Do you think they have the luxury of wondering if they are good enough when they are half way across the tightrope? The smallest doubt about their abilities could literally kill them.

Your path to success is like walking a tight rope. When it comes time to execute you do not have the luxury of self-doubt. Things move too quickly for you to waste time wondering if you deserve to be successful. If you doubt your abilities while trying to negotiate a deal or create a world-changing product you will fail. You will fall down and your dream will die.

If success is like a plant that must be nurtured then failure is like a weed. It grows from the seeds of doubt. It saps your strength and cripples your chances of success.

Your enemies know this. This is why they whisper to you that you are not good enough, that you don’t deserve success, that you will never make it. They want you to take these doubts and let them grow until they choke your budding success.

Doubts Are Kryptonite to Success

Consider Superman. In the comics and movies he is all but invincible. He is a god. Except for one thing. He becomes a complete weakling in the presence of a simple green rock. Kryptonite is the only chance his enemies have of bringing him down.

You are Superman. You have incredible potential. Inside of you is a world changing idea. But, you have a weakness. Doubt is your kryptonite. Your enemies will do everything they can to secretly plant doubts about your core values inside of your mind. If these doubts are not quickly identified and eliminated, they kill destroy you.

Success requires focus. It requires confidence. It requires an almost insane faith in yourself. Right now your chances of success are fragile. You haven’t yet done enough to prove your worth to yourself. If you let doubts take hold, you will kill your chances of success. You must control your thoughts and push these doubts aside. Recognize that doubts about who you are at your core are not natural. They are from your enemies. They are trying to take you down. Don’t let them beat you.

You must act like you are the world’s only hope. Because you just might be.

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