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If success were easy there wouldn’t be any failures. Success is hard. Everyone who has made something of themselves has faced adversity. They have faced setbacks and failures. They have had to change course and to regroup. But, the difference between the way the successful see adversity and the way failures see adversity is huge. Failures see adversity as the end. Successful people see adversity as another opportunity for success. You must train your mind to see adversity as the doorway to success.

By Like a Navy SEAL, Use Adversity to Get Stronger

There are few life experiences as grueling as Navy SEAL training. Your mind, body, and soul are put through the ringer. The officers in charge of training have one goal. To make sure no one unworthy makes it through. The system is setup to make it easy to quit. But, the men and women who make it through SEAL training come out the toughest human beings on the planet. They use all of the adversity of training to make them stronger.

You must be like a Navy SEAL if you want to succeed. You have to look at every challenge as a chance to prove yourself. You need to pump yourself up when new obstacles appear. Tell yourself that this is how you prove you are worthy of success. Each challenge is a chance to learn about yourself and about your competition.

The more adversity you face, the better you will be at finding solutions to pain points. The core skill of every self-made millionaire and billionaire is the ability to create solutions that solve people’s pain. When faced with adversity you should write down what your problems are and how you can solve them. Then look around and see if other people have the same problems and if they could benefit from your solution.

When you look at adversity just your personal success training ground you will start to see problems as opportunities for success.

View Obstacles as a Way of Separating Yourself From the Competition

Whether you know who they are or not, you have competition. There are too many bright and talented people in the world for there not to be someone else out there trying to do exactly the same thing you are trying to do. When obstacles appear in your path you can either despair and quit or you can solve the problem and move on.

When you come to an obstacle you need to tell yourself that this obstacle is a way for you to put some distance between yourself and your competition. You have to tell yourself that you are the kind of person that does not give up. You are the kind of person who solves problems.

The key to training your mind to see adversity as another opportunity is to keep telling yourself the same story. You have to say it out loud, say it in your mind, and write it down. You have to tell yourself that adversity makes you stronger. You have to tell yourself that adversity is an opportunity to learn the skills success requires. You must also tell yourself that adversity allows you to put distance between you and your weaker competition.

If you believe adversity is just another opportunity, you will easily prove yourself right.

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