Why You Must Get in the Habit of Taking What You Need Instead of Expecting Others to Give It to You

Have you ever heard the story about how self-made billionaire Warren Buffet was given a job as a corporate executive even though he was horribly under qualified? Do you remember reading about how a couple investors appeared out of nowhere to give Bill Gates the cash he needed to make Windows? You aren’t familiar with these stories because these things never happened. Buffet, Gates, and every other self-made billionaire know something you don’t. They know that you cannot expect anyone to give you what you need. It is up to you to go out and take it.

Nobody Cares About Your Success the Way You Do

You are the only person on the planet that cares about your success. Not even your mother cares like you do. Those people who truly love you will love you even if you spend your life cleaning up after dogs at the park. But, you won’t love yourself. You can’t be happy waiting for the right opportunity to show up.

Your friends and family cannot give you what you need to succeed. Success requires something more valuable than money and more rare than opportunity. Success requires initiative. Success is made, not found. If you keep waiting for someone else to give you what you need in life, you will never have the skills or guts to do what it takes to live an exceptionally successful life.

Because you care more about your success than anyone, only you will be able to go out and get what you truly need. Nothing anyone else can give you will ever be enough.

Only the Driver Gets to Decide the Destination

Do you know what happens when someone else gives you something? They own you. Even if someone says they don’t want you to pay them back, or they are just trying to be nice, when someone else gives you the things you need in life, they take away a little bit of your soul. They will influence the way you use the gift. They may not even mean to do it. You may not even realize it is happening, But, it is. You are no longer your own man.

When you expect others to give you what you need, you give up control of the steering wheel. In a car, only the drives gets to decide the destination and the route. The passengers may have opinions, but only the driver’s opinion counts. Who is driving your car? If you want to be in control of where you end up in life, you have to be the one in the driver’s seat.

The only way to be in control is to establish your independence. Stop waiting for others to give you the respect, resources, and time that you need. They will never deliver what you really need. You must go out and take what you need. Then, and only then, can you be in the deriver’s seat. If you want to be like Gates, Buffet, Jobs, or Zuckerburg you have to make it happen.

Make today the day you go out into the world and take the things you need. You will never regret being in control of your own life.

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