Fear Only Serves to Keep You Down

If you try searching for stories in which fear positively helped someone, you’ll be sorely disappointed.  Fear has a lot of residual effects but positivity isn’t one of them. Though, for some reason, millions of people seem to give into fear.  It seems irrational, crazy even, to repeatedly submit to a feeling with no known positive impact.  Yet so many of us fall prey to crippling fear and, as a result, end up missing out on a lot of what life has to offer.  Fear serves no other purpose than to keep you down.  If you let it win, you can kiss progress and success goodbye.

Fear Stops You from Learning

Fear of the unknown is something that affects everyone.  You fear a meeting with your boss because you don’t know if it’s positive or negative.  You fear telling your partner you made a mistake because you don’t know how they’ll respond.  When you fear the unknown, you never move forward.  You avoid people, places and situations in which you don’t have the answers.  As you can imagine, that’s a lot of avoidance.  We’ll rarely have such a strong level of comfort that we’ll know all the answers.  The beauty of life is the opportunity to learn.  Every time you experience something new, you learn something you didn’t know before.  If you stay in your comfort zone, you don’t grow.

Fear Makes You Sick

Fear sends your body through a ton of physical responses.  Whenever you run into a person or scenario that you fear, your body enlists a series of reactions to prepare you for battle.  Your mouth gets dry.  Your muscles tense up.  You start sweating.  Your stomach hurts.  Regardless of how strong you might be, these are not ideal physical conditions under which you can make great decisions and achievements.  If you live your life in fear, you constantly keep your body in a state of stress.  The long-term physical and psychological effects could be devastating.  The lack of progress in your life could be even worse.

Fear Ruins Your Future

Think about it.  You’re going through each day, and possibly each interaction, in fear. That means you’re avoiding challenging or uncertain situations; you’re not learning.  That also means you’re living in a constant state of sickness.  The residual effects of fear are uncomfortable, and no one wants to experience them on a regular basis.  One way to avoid them is to circumvent any person, place or thing that might trigger your fear responses.  But instead of living your best life, you’re being guided by fear.  Even if you successfully avoid your triggers, fear is still controlling you.

The true way to overcome fear is to face it head on.  Those uncomfortable reactions might pop up when fear is staring you in the eye, but all you have to do is push forward.  The sooner you do, the sooner you realize how irrational your fear actually was.  You’ll become stronger and more capable of tackling other fears.

Give into fear and you’ll lead a life of sickness and stagnant growth.  Push through and you’ll unlock your potential.  Which path do you choose?

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