The Foolproof Strategy for Becoming a Top Rated Seller on Fiverr and Maximizing Your Earnings

Fiverr.com is the leading player in the “gig economy.” It’s a site where freelancers offer their professional services, often for very low prices.

Fiverr started in 2010 at the height of the global recession when many creative folks where having to deeply discount their services to get business. At the same time, a lot of unemployed but highly educated people were jumping online looking for ways to pay the bills.

As the name implies, you get just about anything you want for just $5. Most of Fiverr’s millions of sellers only earn a little pocket change each month. They receive the satisfaction of doing the work they love and actually getting paid for it.

But a privileged few earn “Top Rated Seller” status and earn significantly more. A great many Top Rated Sellers earn $50,000 or more per year working on Fiverr full-time. In the past 2 years when Fiverr’s rates have crept upward, top sellers are earning $5,000 to $6,000 per month. A growing number of “Powersellers” are earning well into the Six Figures.

Here is how to go from pocket change to BIG full-time income

Fiverr works entirely on a ratings system where buyers rate the work they have received. If you try to scam Fiverr and their sellers by doing very little work or delivering shoddy work, your ratings will stink.

Instead, anyone who wants to reach Top Rated Seller status MUST provide superior work. No if’s, and’s, or but’s: you must be good at what you do.

Oh wait. There IS one “but.” You DON’T have to be the best in your business. After all, Fiverr rates are super low AND they take 20% off the top of all your sales. But it IS important to give buyers a great value for their money.

Customer Services is KING. Take Care of Your Customers

Top Rated Sellers must be nice to their customers. Be helpful, accommodating, and polite at all times. This can be difficult with some customers who have no experience working with creative types.

Answer messages and questions quickly. Get all your orders completed on time. Over deliver when you can. Buyers love it when they get more than they expected.

Copy the Top Sellers in Your Category

Take a look at the sellers who are rated the highest doing what YOU do. Chances are they have been on Fiverr for several years. They have reached the top through tedious trial and error. Instead of experiencing years of hard knocks, simply copy those who have already done the research.

Copy the services top sellers offer. Create your own version of the language they use on their gig description. And most importantly: COPY THEIR PRICING.

During the first few years of Fiverr, Top Rated Sellers earned only about $500 per month. Then higher pricing arrived and many top sellers began earning $5,000 to $10,000 per month. Instead of doing a job for $5 or $15, sellers are offering somewhat larger jobs for $75 and $150. Remember, the quickest way to earn more is the raise your prices.

Top Rated Seller Status is Awarded By Fiverr Editors

Follow all the points outlined in this article and you will soon get the attention of Fiverr editors. They are the ONLY ones who can move you to Top Rated Seller status. They can also make your gig “Featured” so it appears at the top of most searches.

This only happens when you impress editors with your hard work, excellent results, and strong customer service. They are watching you. So show Fiverr and their millions of buyers what you’ve got!

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