If They Can Do It So Can You

There are a lot of things successful people do differently. One of the most interesting habits of successful people is their obsession with other successful people. Everyone from Thomas Edison to Bill Gates spent hours learning about how successful people made it. This is one trick that you can use today to start hacking your way towards success.

People Have Done More With Less

When you spend a lot of time examining the lives of a variety of successful people from many different industries you learn something amazing. You find that many people have reached incredible heights after starting with much less than you have. You see that many of your heroes didn’t start with a silver spoon in their mouths. They had to hustle and grind just like you. They also had major setbacks.

You begin to see that if they could make it, so could you.

You don’t just have to look to famous people to find inspiration. There are thousands upon thousands of people who have found happiness and freedom. Most of these people are not household names. But, you can learn from their paths to success. You can replicate what they did and make your own journey shorter.

The more success stories you study you will see two things. One, there are certain patterns. Every successful person had a vision and worked hard trying to make it a reality. Two, no two successful people do exactly the same things. There are thousands of different routes to happiness, freedom, and success.

The Power of Virtual Mentors

It used to be that the only way to learn about successful people was from books or from meeting people in person. Most of us are not surrounded with successful people in real life, and books can only teach you so much. But, thanks to the web, we can find virtual mentors. We can read blogs, Twitter posts, and Facebook posts from people who are at different stages in their journey to success.

It is now much easier to find successful people to emulate. Most successful people are also incredible generous. They are often happy to answer a simple question or point you towards great resources. You can also find people just a little ahead of you to give you guidance.

Having a stable of virtual mentors can give you shortcuts to success and give you the encouragement you need when things are not going well.

The truth is that nobody finds success all on their own. Everyone needs guidance. If you want to be successful, you need to learn about how successful people have made the transition from where you are now to where they are now. The other benefit of spending time learning from successful people is that you will have less time to be influenced by failures and people who are afraid of success.

J.K. Rowling went from being on welfare to being the world’s first billionaire author. Michael Jordan went from being benched in high school to being the best basketball player of all time. If they can do it so you can you.

Take some today to find a few inspiring success stories. Use them as the blueprint for your own success.

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