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This disclosure statement shall be deemed as part of your entire agreement with Motivation LLC, and being published to conduct our business in a fully transparent manner.

Please acknowledge that Motivation LLC may collaborate with third party services/mentors and offer affiliate products or services to boost your spirits and help you stay focused and motivated until you achieve your goal. In case you consent to receive such offers or seek our help to stay focused and motivated, we may send links to affiliate products or services to your registered mobile or email on this website. When you click on such links, certain cookies or trackers may be set to calculate our commissions in case you purchase any product or service by following the referred link. Please acknowledge that the monetization of this website enables us to run this website and offer valuable resources and services without charging anything.

The referred links may be shortened or cloaked to hide impractically long links. We do this to improve the functionality and tracking of the referred links rather than hiding anything.

Although we do not accept any direct benefits, whether in cash or in kind, for posting, publishing, or featuring reviews of any motivational content, product, service, or mentor, but participation in affiliate programs and referring links to earn a commission may create a conflict of interests. We hold a policy to always give our honest review, opinions, beliefs, or experience regarding the promoted motivational products and services. Since we will never promote any false or misleading claim, this conflict of interest is automatically avoided. However, you should acknowledge that our participation in affiliate programs may create a conflict of interest and you should apply your prudence before relying on any motivational content, resources, or content being offered on this website.

However, this policy of always giving an honest review may not apply to banner and advertisement that may be published on this website by third parties. We can apply this policy only to our reviews and in-house communications, but have no control over third party promotions.

Please acknowledge that we do not claim that every review that we publish will always be correct. Motivation LLC disclaims all warranties, guarantees, undertakings, promises, or representations to the maximum extent permissible under the laws. The Services are offered as-is and as-available without creating any such warranties regarding the promoted products or services. You shall use the Services at your own risks and discretion.

Nothing on this website or communications with the support staff, whether written or oral, shall create any kinds of express or implied warranties and undertakings regarding the accuracy, authenticity, reliability, merchantability, availability, fitness for a particular purpose, improved health, boosted motivation levels, higher success rates, or suitability of the Services, including the promoted products, services, and related views, reviews, testimonials, advice, suggestions or recommendations as per your requirements or expectations. We hereby disclaim all such warranties and undertakings. The employees and representatives of Motivation LLC are not authorized to make any such claims.

We do not claim that the Services will be free from errors, omissions, viruses, infringements, or interruptions, and any or all such occurrences will be restored immediately or promptly. You should acknowledge that the Services may be interrupted, disrupted, suspended, or terminated due to technical limitations, maintenance requirements, unforeseen circumstances, non-performance of third party service providers, or changes in the Service itself.

The Site and Services are not intended to replace your due diligence. We highly recommend that you should seek professional advice, conduct your own research, and apply your prudence before purchasing any product or service being promoted on this website.

Please acknowledge that we are not offering any kinds of professional, financial, investment, or health advice. The success stories and other information regarding money making programs are intended to boost your spirits, but we cannot guarantee that you will also achieve the same level of success even when putting in similar efforts or resources. Your success in achieving financial freedom or any other goal will depend on several factors, including your education, skills, expertise, experience, leadership or business traits, the amount of time or money you have or willing to invest, individual decisions you make, market fluctuations, competition, or effectiveness of the program. Some of these factors may be beyond your reasonable control and you may be trapped by circumstances. You shall rely on or use such programs at your own risks and discretion. We highly recommend that you should consult a licensed financial professional before investing in any program.

Publishing third party logos, trademarks, service marks, banners, or promotional content shall not be deemed that we are recommending such third parties and/or endorsing their products and services.

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